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SIGGRAPH 15 – The Real-time Volumetric Cloudscapes of Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Forslides with proper formatting and video/audio use the PPTX version.     The following was presented at SIGGRAPH 2015 as part of the Advances in Real-time rendering Course.     Authors: Andrew Schneider –Principal FX Artist, Nathan Vos –Principal Tech Programmer         Thank you for coming.     Over…

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SIGGRAPH 15 – Learning from Failure: a Survey of Promising, Unconventional and Mostly Abandoned Renderers for ‘Dreams PS4’, a Geometrically Dense, Painterly UGC Game’

    this talk is about showing you some of the approaches that we tried and failed to make stick for our project. if you’re looking for something to take away, hopefully it could be inspiration or some points are places to start, where we left off. I also just think it’s interesting to hear…

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