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SIGGRAPH 15 – Learning from Failure: a Survey of Promising, Unconventional and Mostly Abandoned Renderers for ‘Dreams PS4’, a Geometrically Dense, Painterly UGC Game’

    this talk is about showing you some of the approaches that we tried and failed to make stick for our project. if you’re looking for something to take away, hopefully it could be inspiration or some points are places to start, where we left off. I also just think it’s interesting to hear
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Voxel House

Introduction     http://www.oskarstalberg.com/game/house/Index.html         My projects typically revolve(围绕) around some central idea that I want to explore. Here, that central idea is a particular content driven approach to modular tilesets that I’ve had on my mind for a while. This project could have been created as a Python script in Maya
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Cubiquity for Unity3D 使用

http://www.cubiquity.net/cubiquity-for-unity3d/1.2/docs/index.html   Cubiquity 相关网站提供了功能健全的体素解决方案,特别是功能还切分了核心的引擎以及各个平台的插件,详细的使用说明和问答,非常适合快速实现体素内容。这里介绍一下这一款工具的基本内容和框架,以及使用上的一些总结。   Installation There are currently three ways of obtaining Cubiquity for Unity3D. Enabling ‘unsafe’ code 概念: Cubiquity for Unity3D is built on top of a native code (C++) library which handles most of the heavy-lifting behind the scenes.These meshes need to be passed from the unmanaged native-code world of Cubiquity into
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